A no compromises screenshot service built for Sharex and kShare.

Getting started.

All you need to know to get started with Blackout.

Blackout supports a range of softwares, for Windows users we recommend you use Sharex, for Linux users we recommend you use kShare.

  1. Install ShareX here.
  2. Login to Blackout here.
  3. Once ShareX is installed, head over to this URL.
  4. After the file is downloaded, simply open the file. You will be prompted with this pop-up.
  5. Click yes on this pop-up.
  6. Setup the respective hotkeys on ShareX.
  7. Enjoy using Blackout!
Instructions for kShare coming soon.

Is there an image capturing software that you'd like to see Blackout officially support? Contact us on Discord.

Need help?

Where to find support should you need it


Blackout is a service we provide at our own cost, for free. As a result of this our support team is comprised of individuals willing to help out for free - please understand that, because of this, response times may be slow.